Fly Fishing with Buzzers

Fly fishing for Rainbow and Brown Trout with buzzers at Chew Valley Lake with Tony Donnelly for Bristol Water Fisheries.
As the Great Buzzer hatch engulfs the great lakes of Chew and Blagdon, there is a feeding frenzy for these hard fighting Rainbow and Brown Trout. Tony offers practical advice on how to fish with buzzers along side some great trout porn including boobies. This truly is totally awesome fishing from some of the best fishing lakes in the south west, if not the entire UK. Love fly fishing? Want to learn a little more about fishing with buzzers. Some great hints, tips and advice that will help you with your fly fishing journey from the wildernesstv community including Steve Cullen from Total Fly Fisher magazine and others. This video has been produced for WildernessTV by Techsec Media Ltd.