How to Catch Shark – Blue Shark Fishing- Sea fishing tips – Sea fishing rods – sea fishing reels

Wilderness Tv head out on the Deep Blue with Russell Weston from Snowbee on the hunt to catch and Tag Blue Sharks in the English Channel. Lets just say more than one Awesome Blue shark came to the boat. Some stunning underwater footage of these magnificant creatures along with great advice about Blue Shark Fishing from the Snowbee crew. Russell also talks about the kit he is using and how to set up your kit for a successful fishing adventure. Blue Shark fishing is totally awesome fishing, So if your Fishing Britain or further afield I am sure there are some great tips for you. We head off from Plymouth and fish for mackerel as bait, then off to catch Cod and Coal Fish on a wreck before Fishing for the Awesome Blue Shark of the English channel. So for more information on How to fish for Shark then give this epic encounter a view. Video Production and Photography sea fishing rods, sea fishing reels, sea fishing tackle, sea fishing gear fishing lures, fishing with lures, lure fishing, deep sea fishing, fishing charters